Select an area in your dash or console to install your new extreme cup holder. You will need an area of 1/2 deep by 3/4 behind the dash area, and 1/2 for the faceplate in front of the panel being installed in.

On the face of the panel, mark for the slot of your choice bezel or no bezel install. Refer to figure (A), (B), or (C) supplied drawings. Figure (A, B) for no bezel install requires a weld stud installed to the inner dash area to bolt the plastic tray to example (B). Or if you choose to use the bezel, refer to figure (C).

For bezel type, drill 1/8 hole through dash (refer to figure [C]) 5 inches on center. (Double check that you are square in the dash). Then next drill those holes to 1/4 size bit. Then finally, final drill 19/64; the reason for the extra steps is if you go right to the big bit your final hole will not be perfectly round.

Cut between the two holes you just drilled as straight as you can top and bottom with a saw or cut-off wheel. The trick to a good install is keeping it tight for the best final appearance of install. It's better to be a little undersize and file to fit. Now square left and right ends till the faceplate fits perfectly in the face of the dash.

Slip the tray assembly complete on to the studs of the face plate being held to the front of the dash. Install the two lock nuts supplied and lightly tighten, checking the cup cassette sliding action. If the cassette is sticking, loosen the nuts slightly until smooth operation is achieved.

Install favorite beverage, and enjoy. (Non-alcoholic if driving please) Lets don't meet by accident.

Installation without a faceplate:
Same as above except drill another set of holes (A) 3 inches on center. The cutting and filing are very critical here to get the perfect fit, and cut between these holes so the cassette can pass through the hole without touching the hole surface. Put the two weld studs on the plastic tray and slip the cassette and the tray in behind the dash, having the cassette protrude through the hole. You should be able to see the weld studs in the outer holes. Spot weld them while holding the tray assembly in place. Remove the plastic tray as soon as possible to minimize damage to the tray. Now install the two lock nuts and tighten lightly checking the slide action. You may need to put a washer to shim the tray out to get proper cassette action.

Installing in fiberglass:
If installing in thicker applications you will need to acquire longer studs and sliding the cassette assembly forward until it is flush with the face plate. Drill out the rivets holding the magnetic catch, and slide it forward until it contacts the metal tab on the cassette and re-install. If for some reason the drink stirrup will not drop far enough, you can file a bevel to the top inside contact area of the support stirrup to face plate area only.